Our work helped me release the fear that was holding me back


" I wanted to let you know about some of the movement that happened since our Art Healing workshop last weekend (June 21 & 22, 2014).

You may recall I was a bit anxious because I knew I would need to change jobs but wasn't sure what more I needed to do to "make things happen." I had gone on an interview on Thursday, June 19th after being pursued by a school organization for over six months. I didn't take any of it too seriously because I was determined NOT to return to this kind of school because the wounds and scars from my previous experience were still palpable. However, I had a clear thought in my mind that if I was offered a certain amount, even though it was lower than my original request, I would take it. 

On Friday, June 20th, the day before my first workshop, the school principal called to make me an offer. I did not accept it because the amount of money they were offering was the same as what I was currently getting and I knew that I needed to aim higher in terms of salary and position. It was not the number I had told myself I was willing to take. I shrugged it off as not the right situation for me. When I went to the workshop on Saturday, I was preparing myself for spending the next two months applying and interviewing to different positions. 

Our work on Sunday, helped me release the fear that was holding me back and I understood that I did not have to continue reliving those past painful employment experiences but I could recognize the lessons I learned from them and let them go. Do you remember how I took the meditation walk barefoot and purposely sought out the most difficult places to walk through? I felt it was a metaphor for what I was aiming to do in my career - go to the most difficult places, love the most difficult people, come away with unseen treasures from my challenging journey. 

On Monday afternoon, the same principal reached out to me again and offered me the number I had decided I was willing to take plus $3,500 more. I took several hours to think, pray and consult with friends and loved ones but I finally decided that this opportunity had been placed in front of me for a clear reason - so I took the job offer! I will be working with the most challenging student population in an area of the city that is known for its high crime rates. I have felt fear creep in from time to time but I feel called to do this and help as many souls as I can through this work of managing the special education department.  

Thank you for being a part of my journey and guiding me through your work. 

Peace, love, health and blessings,


Testimonial after a weekend workshops on Healing the ancestors, Next Step in my life and Healing Body, Mind and Soul. USA, 2014

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