Reflections and videos in my art studio in SPC

  • Salima Raoui


Many artists are seen as having the time of their life as professional artists, selfishly and shamelessly having  fun when the rest of the world is suffering

Their reality is far from this preconceived ideology and myth on the artist archetype.

The world most  of the time don't see them as what they truly are : human beings totally dedicated to the process of art which asks of them to be fully receptive and engaged , despite life materialistic   and personal demands.

When an artist is involved with making art, he/she may not eat , talk, interact with the outside world like any other ordinary days. Artists make sacrifices everyday, using all their ressources towards their art making and birthing process. 

Art takes  energy, thought process, concentration, material and personal ressources. It takes leap of faith on the canvas but also in life.

With no salary, no guarantees of a show, a sale, nor a recognition.

Art cannot be done with that in mind otherwise it wouldn't be art. It would be rational thinking and rationality will demand that we put time and energy to provide for our basic survival needs  regardless of our inspiration of the day

Over the years  I have learned  to live on a very thin thread between rationality and creativity keeping track on where the bridge is, where to draw the line.

It is not easy , it takes work, serious work, time, vision, trust, flexibility, open mind and heart, and the willingness to get out of our secured little "safe" routine. Sometimes like Matisse it will take to move out of one's own country and spend time in a different foreign exotic one to re-kindle the fire of our inspiration all the while living in an insecure mode.

I am doing this right now during my 6 months sabbatical back in the US. My art is richer, my life more colorful. It is not safe, it is not secure, it is not easy. Where I am going after that I don't know. I don't know if I will be living here in the US  or going back to Morocco , I am waiting for signs, direction, invitation from the universe. It takes patience and living in the Yin mode, total receptivity !

I don't know if I will go to another artist in residence program, or find my tribe somewhere around here  or create my own somewhere for others to join in...It is all in the open and inspiration is high!

All I know is that I have a show scheduled for this coming friday and I hope I will get to see you there !

Meanwhile I am sharing these videos I made about my own leap of faith, artist in residence tips and environnement here in Stony Point Center , NY

I have 10 more days to go before I'll leave for...the unknown again !!

Stay tuned and write a comment, here or on youtube  if you feel inspired to share!

Hope you will enjoy the videos as much as I did while making them

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